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. and thousands of confidential documents from the clinton presidency are about the release. and mayor gives advice to jimmy fallon0< h@l@o @'@ @@ñ t odp?d[lo ólw@ñ@ñ@ñ@ñ ph@p x@- phÑp>polu ml[tz@n@w@ñ@ñ@@@@ñ ph h@h@ @hp@@ @p@@p@@ @ñ @p a p@i@e t@@p @ips@lpl t@@@p 5 @oxñh@nto ]tupholó @ñ@ñ@ñ@ñ ñ first demetrius says the cold weather is not going away anytime soon. more snow comes this weekend. new developments in ukraine overnight, as armed gunmen seize government buildings. and dan rather for speaks out on sexual of harassment allegations against him. good morning, i'm dan ponce. we have a few schools open in late because of the cold. district 113 including deerfield high school and island park high school are opening up late today. a complete list on our website. your morning headlines and a minute butlet's go to demetrius ivory for a check of the weather. >> but take a look. cold temperatures do not warm up. we will be colder than this later this afternoon. romeoville is at 12. through its 12. wheeling is operating at only 11. colder numbers as we look to the we
released. the full collection is about 33,000 pages. from bill clinton's eight years in office. more documents are expected to come next month. southern california is now preparing for a massive storm. this is video from pasadena. several accidents happened yesterday. a second storm is expected today and several neighborhoods in the mountains have been evacuated because of possible flooding. 6 in. of rain possible. heavy rain heading toward hollywood is putting a damper on the oscar preparations. workers are using polls to remo opoles to remove water. they're hoping for son and clear skies on sunday. >> a commonly used tool could play a big part in spreading dangerous germs that the doctor's office. the severe winter weather is affecting united airlines bottom line. later in lunch break the heart healthy recipe. klienlvin den leading the charge on all major indexes are on track to finish the month of february with solid gains. the nasdaq up 17. quiz knows is preparing to file for bankruptcy. the colorado based restaurant has about $570 million in debt with creditors. the sandwich cha
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2